It's that time of the year again...

Our stores, warehouse and offices are closed until September for a much needed summer sabbatical. Any orders received will not be processed until we reopen. Until then, you can still find some of our products on Amazon.

It's been a pretty full year so far as we expanded our horizons with new materials and finishes. We've just finished "Luigi", which challenged us to make circular shapes larger than the ones for the "Saucer".

And working with live edge slabs of wood for the "Y Side Table" reminded me of the joy and frustrations of working with 1 to 1 drawings, and hybrid woodworking.

Here's me standing over the 1 to 1 drawing of the Y Side Table, making sure the feet is sympathetic to the table top, as well as finalizing the location of the V legs.

Speaking of live edge, we started working with a local store, in Colorado Springs, named Avier. They are currently hosting our Colorado Series, which includes the "Colorado Table", "Aspen Benches", and "Three Pine Tables". These pieces are our first time working with wood native to Colorado and also our first time creating outdoor furniture.

Another project that had been under major development was the "Slats Side Table" and I know there will be continued development as times goes on. Again, there's a departure in material choice, Ambrosia Maple. It works very similarly to hard maple but its natural coloring makes it less modern or, for a lack of a better word, cold. It seems slightly more rustic and perhaps approaches contemporary with the use of a limestone marble top.

Not a bad start to the 2016 year but there will be more to come in the fall. Many thanks to those who supported us through Etsy, Amazon, and of course through this website.