The Slats Side Table

The Slats Side Table was born out of necessity. Families with kids and animals need a way to keep cables and wires hidden out of reach. Hiding everything in a box is an obvious solution but not always the most convenient when we are constantly connecting and disconnecting devices.

The table does not come pre-wired with power strip or usb outlets as those "standards" will change.

There are three levels: top drawer for pens, paper, etc., mid-shelf for stowing laptops and or tablets while they are charging and the lower drawer a place for power strip.

The rear of the table opens to give an alternative access to the power strips or cables, much like server racks at data centers.

Solid Maple Legs, Ambrosia Maple Sides, Marble Limestone Top, Walnut Drawers.

Approximately: 19.5" W x 21.5" D x 25" H

Price available upon request.