3 Steps to a Weave

The Assignment

IND-690-80 Industrial Design Workshop I
Pratt Institute, Fall 2010

In collaboration with Gretchen White, the goal of this exercise to create an interative experience using only 3-steps. We liked the idea of slowing our busy minds down a little and concentrating on doing something... something that might be good for the soul.

  1. Discovery
  2. Pick up a pre-threaded pin and try to get to the other side.
  3. Finish by pinning onto the cork on the other side

And as a bonus, when the artwork was done, we switched off the lights and turned on the backlight. This created a very different and exciting way of viewing the work.

Materials: light-weight mesh, broom sticks, 23" wooden quilt hoops (3/4" depth), embroidery machine thread, steel nuts and bolts, 1/4" MDF, 1/2" pine, cork.

Dimensions: 21 feet x 23 in x 6 feet

Whimsicle music: Yael Naïm - New Soul

Many thanks to our participating classmates.