The Saucer for Apple Watch

The Bowl for Apple Watch Accessories
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Inspiration: Stacked Tableware

Inspiration: Stacked Tableware

A docking stand for the Apple Watch inspired by stacking tableware, handmade in Colorado with space for cable management.

The beginning

It started out as a scrap wood project for my own personal amusement but then turned to something compelling. Beginning with a block of wood elevating the watch and charger off the table made it easy to detach the two in the mornings. It also had the added bonus of separating the watch from the clutter that is my night stand.

As time went on, I accumulated watch bands but no place to put them and the charger's long cord tangled with the cable for the phone, which led to the ah-ha moment: perhaps the stand should have some kind of compartment for watch bands and cords. Early sketches showed stacking round dishes that resembled bowls and saucers and thus the Saucer for Apple Watch was born.

How it's made

Notice the grain pattern from the red oak core.

Notice the grain pattern from the red oak core.

The development of the Saucer led me down paths of several production techniques. The charm of using only hand tools wore away quickly as injuries to my hands prohibited me from making much progress. Taking the design into 3D development opened the way for CNC carving which lends itself to more precise and repeatable production. However, CNC carving is still rough and so finishing by hand is still necessary.

Since this project first started off with scrap wood in mind, it was only appropriate the prototypes would be made from scrap wood too. It just so happened the first scrap I had on hand for the core was red oak. When the first prototype was finished, I was fascinated by the grain pattern red oak produces; like long flowing hair. Tests with Ash also provided similar effects, and thus these materials are both offered for the final product. All pieces are finished with a polyurethane coating.


The Saucer works for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and works with an optional Bowl for Apple Watch Accessories.


The Saucer for Apple Watch: 4"L x 4"D x 2.25"H

The Bowl for Apple Watch Accessories: 4.25"L x 4.25"D x 2"H


Charger Installation

1. Insert the USB end of the cable through the hole.

2. Pull the cable through...

3. ... until the magnetic disk reaches the space provided. Gently wedge the magnetic disk between the foam tape.

4. Insert the cable plug into the hole...

5. ... to secure the cable and magnetic disk in place.

6. Gently wrap the cable around the hub without kinks.