Gap Homage Mailbox

The Assignment

IND-612B ID Tech II
Pratt Institute, Spring 2011

Design a mailbox for a specific person, God, the Devil, Hitler, Derek Jeter, Madonna, Elvis, Warren Buffet, etc. Starting with a standard mailbox that can be purchased at Home Depot. Use whaever visual and material elements and parameters such as color, texture, the flag, lettering... etc etc...

My mailbox was a tribute to the late Donald Fisher, the founder of Gap, Inc.

Upholstering a standard USPS approved mailbox is a strange idea but gives the humble mailbox a completely different stance, especially now that genuine hand-written correspondence is rare and prized. What better way to pamper such mail with a velvet-lined receiving vessel?

This project actually provided the seedling to graduate thesis: Intangible Properties of Materials, using materials to change intention, perception and aesthetics.