Hello Colorado!

After packing up three locations, driving 27+ hours, closing on a new home, followed by DIY renovations, we're finally ready to open up our new doors for business! ... sort of... we're still unpacking boxes and we need to renovate the workshop. It's been quite a learning process.

We have also been exploring our new surroundings, enjoying the outdoors and in awe of the breath taking skies. No, really, it's not just the lack of oxygen at 5000+ ft above sea level.

I've found myself just staring at the sky sometimes because the layers of clouds moving at different speeds are so much more noticeable, and sometimes the entire sky turns orange during sunsets. It's simply amazing. The other phenomenon that baffles is the weather. The locals say one can almost set the time by the daily rain. What they didn't say is the accompanying lighting and thunder, which our company dog does not appreciate.

A night at Red Rock Amphitheater with NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me".

A night at Red Rock Amphitheater with NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me".

Coloradans love the outdoors and it shows. We really appreciated a fun night at the Red Rock Amphitheater with NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me". We saw them at Carnegie Hall in New York, but it's a whole other experience at Red Rock. We can't wait to go back and enjoy other outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

A funny occurrence we've found ourselves in is the fact that we visit our local Lowes store almost every day. From the aisles of sheet rock and insulation, to the appliances and out to their gardening yard, we've probably gotten advice from every Lowes employee. It's a little embarrassing as they are starting to recognize us. This is definitely sometime we're not use to coming from NYC, but I must admit it's kind of nice.

We can’t wait to start working again now that all the departments are at one place. Let’s begin!